Clydesdale Stallion, Golden Bay (Buckskin) - SHRINKY

Clydesdale Stallion, Golden Bay (Buckskin) - SHRINKY


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Since buckskin isn't a recognized color for Clydesdales, this family was described as "golden bay." The mare has four socks, blending into her body color on the hind legs and topped with grey knees on the fore.  She features an airbrushed (narrow) bald face with grey shading.  She was only available for two years in 1990 & 1991.

He is Near Mint with tiny black marks on his right barrel, right hip, and left neck, along with a tiny rub on his left shoulder, and a slightly whiter bit of plastic under the paint on his chest.  He appears to be a shrinky, but a nice, even one.  He is slightly shorter than his 1980s era brother, has greyish whites, and has that slightly different texture when you touch him.  We didn't notice any vinegar smell, but once we bubble wrap him here, it may start to form.  We recommend displaying him on an open-air shelf.  He's a neat guy for collectors who enjoy variations on their favorite molds.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #825

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