Cob ~ Tushar - Breyerfest SR


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Tushar is a sweet snowcap Appaloosa on the walking Cob mold.  Snowcap is the name commonly used for few-spot blanket Appys, who generally also carry the greying gene, so they become whiter as they age.  This fellow is obviously a young guy, as his blanket still has pronounced edges, although it is starting to change with white roaning over his back and rump.  Tushar also wears four stockings and a wide blaze.  He was only available to single-day ticket holders at Breyerfest 2017.  Only 1750 were made.

This fellow is Factory Mint with lots of roaning, creamy muzzle pinking and eye whites.  He even comes with his original Breyerfest paperboard package.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #711254