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Family Arabian Foal - Alabaster, Glossy - Enchanted Dollhouse SR


  • $1295

Enchanted Dollhouse ran an anniversary event for three days in the summer of 1988 and had Breyer produce a glossy alabaster Family Arab set for the occasion.  To differentiate them from the Regular Run models, they hand-wrote "88" on the belly of each Special Run.  Only around 1000 sets were produced, and because, as time went on, many people didn't realize they had Special Runs, models got played with or customized, making them hard to find today.

This cutie is Near Mint with a pinpoint eartip rub and a bent inward left hind foot.  (That can be easily corrected with a hair dryer and she stands fine as-is.)  She has an area of rough finish on her back. She features nostril shading that reaches up above her nostril on one side, giving her the appearance of having a snip, particularly with her lovely muzzle pinking.   She wears a glossy finish and the "88" mark on her belly identifying her as this release.

 Stallion and Mare, if still available, are being sold separately here:  Stallion   Mare


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #400789 (Foal)