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Family Arabian Stallion ~ Faith - Palomino, Satin


  • $695

The Family Arabian Stallion was produced in matte Palomino from 1967 - 1987.  It was one of the longest runs for any release, but many changes were noted over the years. He is listed as matte finish, because only two finishes are recognized on this mold, but his would more accurately be called satin or semi-gloss, having just a bit of a sheen that really brings out his highlights.  He has grey hooves, muzzle pinking and grey nostrils.

This fellow is in Very Good condition with several grey marks that may clean off with a good soak in soapy water.  He has a small rub on his left forearm and a couple of others on his right shoulder.  Slight yellowing can be easily corrected with a few days in a sunny place.  He features ear and muzzle pinking, and a very pretty satin/semi-gloss finish which i gives him a shine that most of this release doesn't have and may make restoring him easier.  He wears a USA mold mark.


Size: Traditional
Breyer Model #4