Spooky Stablemates - First in the Series - Set of 3 in Original Box


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This awesome Stablemates set, only available for Halloween of 2005, includes three mini versions of earlier Halloween Horses.  It is the first in the Spooky Stablemates series.

The Morgan Merry Widow wears the same eerie green glow that her her Traditional model does, and just like her, she glows in the dark.  Check out (or don't, if you're arachnophobic) the spider on her nose!  On the Rearing Andalusian, Skullduggery displays the same weird masking on the blanket on the left side that we've seen in all of these, but his right side features a clear skull among his spots, and his blaze is a phantom.  Nosferatu on the Thoroughbred mold brings the colors of sunset to the group with his twilight-colored blanket silhouetting flying bats.  His star is a bat flying against the Moon.  

 All three are Factory Mint in their original box.  The box wasn't sealed, so we took them out for individual photos, then replaced them.  That means you get the best of both worlds:  The complete set in their box... AND they've been fully inspected so you get no nasty surprises!


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5917