Cow and Calf, Polled Jersey - VARIATION: Dark color


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This beautiful set represents a polled Jersey cow and her young calf.  Jerseys are a popular milking cow, and this set came to us from a collector whose family owned a Jersey farm.  The term "polled" means the cow's horns were surgically removed.  This is done for the safety of the herd and the cow herself, as they can get caught in fencing or equipment and cause the cow to get injured.  (Eleda once had to help rescue a heifer who got her horns caught in a round-bale feeder and couldn't get her head back out.)  This pair was sold together as the Jersey Cow Family Gift Set from 1992-1995.  During that time, colors really varied, with most being a light gold color. 

The cow is in Excellent condition with a couple of stripes where the paint didn't mix well.  I thought they might have been marks, but when I tried to rub one, the paint came off, leaving a small rub. (Ack!  See close-up picture.) She features nice face and neck shading, painted dew claws, and a glossy white belly.  

Her calf is in Excellent condition with a rub on her right hindquarter and eartip, along with a couple of pinpoint rubs.  She features a shaded muzzle and dew claws, and a glossy white belly like her mom's (picture included).

This beautiful set is the darkest we've ever seen, closer to the color of original Jersey Cow release (which had horns) than any others we've come across.  They're deep tan bordering on light cocoa.  They both have lighter muzzles and adorable matching forehead stars.  This is a lovely variation on this release!


Size:  Traditional

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