Cross-Country Jumper w/ Rider

Hagen Renaker

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All the drama of eventing is wrapped up in this crazy sculpt by Maureen Love (horse) and Robert McGuinness (rider).   The bay horse is leaping nearly straight up to clear this stone wall, tail swished to the left in concentration, while his rider looks ahead to the next obstacle.  Do you know someone who has overcome a seemingly impossible obstacle, or have you done so yourself?  This piece would be a lovely momento of that victory!

Known by HR as "Jumping Horse w/Rider" or simply "Jumper," this lovely, fragile piece is larger than the other sculpts in the HR performance horse series.  Colors may vary some, since these are individually hand-painted.  Hagen-Renaker packs these very well, with foam chunks between the legs and around all the fragile parts so that they get to us - and you - safely.


Size:  5.25" tall

Model #3326

Made in the USA