Decal - Breyerfest with Rejoice Saddlebred - triple-mountain

Decal - Breyerfest with Rejoice Saddlebred


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Tell the world you're going to Breyerfest by dressing up your car with this official Breyerfest decal!  Made in the style of oval "location" decals, it sports a big, bold BF overlain with an image of Rejoice.  Along the top it reads "BreyerFest - Model Horse Festival & Horse Fair," and along the bottom gives Breyer's web address.  Not going to BreyerFest?  Dress up your show totes or anything else with a bit of Breyer flair!

Not in pristine condition, but would be considered Near Mint.  May have minor dirt and/or very minor creasing.  Never removed from backing, so it's ready to go on your car, locker, show trunk or wherever!