Denim Days - The New Colt

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In the Denim Days series by Homco, Danny and Debbie are depicted in scenes of growing up on the farm.  In this delightful piece, the kids have just been presented with a new colt and are eager to brush and pet him.  You can almost picture their parents "off camera" giving them instructions to "Be gentle with him," while the colt patiently endures their affection.

This piece is Near Mint with just a couple of spots (the only noticeable one is on the colt's tail) that didn't get painted at the factory.  A bit of touch-up paint, and they'll look perfect.  They could also use a gentle bath, as I can see some dust even after giving them a gentle brush off.  The set is absolutely adorable, with the kids in textured denim overall, with expressive faces, and the colt lying between them, enjoying a loving grooming from his young humans.


Size:   Approx. 5" high

Manufacturer's Model #1510