Doctor Baker's Medicine Wagon

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Doc Baker is a respected traveling doctor.  He has done so well in his trade that he recently had a brand new wagon built by a skilled wagonsmith to make his days on the road more comfortable for him and his horse.  This new wagon by Curt Anderson is beautiful!  It is built with an elegant maple body, beautifully quilted leather driver's seat, removable lamps so Doc can find his way to people's houses at night, and working drawers and cupboards, fully stocked with with the tools of his trade!

That's right:  This wagon comes with all the accessories you see in the photos!  There are glass jars and colorful canisters of "medicines" (kitchen spices were used for scale, safety and variety)m a doctor's bag on the front seat, and even a two-armed scale.  Curt made the scale himself, from his original design, using a 3D printer.  He even makes his own wheels!  This insures that every piece is high quality and scaled to impress on display and at model horse shows.

The wagon features period-style lettering and is gloss-poly'd both for protection and beauty. The curved shafts were made to fit the new Classic Brabant, but will fit most Classic/Freedom Series models.

But wait, there's more!  If you choose to let your friends (or show judge) in on your secret, you can open the hinged wagon top to reveal Doc's sleeping quarters!  These are not to scale, but are a fun surprise to show off:  Doc has his bed, complete with pillow and cowhide blanket, a chest with his clothes folded neatly inside, and a small table and chair, complete with oil lamp and a microscope, where he continues his study of medicine in the evenings.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to impress everyone who sees it. There are so many dioramas you can create with this, and it's magnificent just sitting on display.  This piece truly tells a story and brings the viewer in, making Doc Baker feel like a very real part of our world.

Curt is making a name for himself in the high-quality wagon arena, so here's a chance to add one of his most beautiful and detailed vehicles to your collection or show string. Final image shows Mr Anderson holding this finished wagon.

Wagon will be shipped carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in foam peanuts for safe travel to your stable.


Size:  Classic Scale