Dog Agility Set

Dog Agility Set


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Breyer's Dog Agility Set is a fun set for play, display or show props!  It is scaled for Breyer's Companion Animal series.  The set includes a sweet Shetland Sheepdog, a yellow and blue teeter, a tire jump, green and white weave poles still packed in their original cello, a yellow nylon chute, a blue and yellow A-Frame, a red and yellow pause table, and a red and white gate jump.  It was only produced from 2001-2006.

Accessories have never removed from box.  We removed the dog to inspect and photograph her and then returned her to her place.  Box has been displayed, apparently in a window, as the colors on box back have faded, but front and sides are like new.  Pieces inside may have some minor wear from vibrating against each other while in the box all this time.  Dog is in her own compartment and is Factory Mint with pretty shading and painted whites.  


Breyer Model #1504

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