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G1 Draft Horse ~ Sonny, Gold Florentine - Vintage Club


  • $9795

The beloved Stablemate Draft Horse, sculpted originally by Maureen Love for Hagen-Renaker, was a special "bonus" release for the 2014 Vintage Club and caused quite a commotion!  One of our favorite vintage decorator colors on one of the most-collected Stablemate molds was a winning combination.  He has a metallic gold body with "cornflake" (irregularly shaped) resist dapples, a white mane and tail, and four socks.  Only 500 were made, and they've disappeared into private collections.  It's extremely rare that one becomes available for sale now, so if you like him, don't hesitate!  He won't be here long.

This fellow is Factory Mint with a beautiful pattern of lacy white on metallic gold.  He has one tiny speck of eye paint behind his left eye.  He features muzzle pinking that matches his shell pink hooves and a beautiful glossy finish.  He still wears his blue ribbon sticker and even comes with his original black satin drawstring pouch.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #712106