Dressage Tack Set - Traditional Size, Artist Made

Dressage Tack Set - Traditional Size, Artist Made


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This is a Traditional sale, artist-made set that is well done.  My guess is that it was made around 10-15 years ago. It should fit most Traditional riding horses, but appears to have been made for (or was last shown on) Strapless, as it fit her beautifully with no adjustments required.

The saddle's leather is thin, soft and pliable.  It is well shaped and includes perfectly-scaled brass "buttons" on the sides of the pommel.  It includes brass-tone stirrups and matching buckles on the breast collar and padded girth.  Girth and stirrup lengths are both adjustable.  Saddle pad is white felt with black trim and American Flag details in the corners.

The bridle is made of thin, stiffer leather to hold its shape, with a white-accented browband.  It has adjustable cheek-straps and throatlatch. 


Who is that horse?  She's a custom. She'll be going online in a few weeks.  :-)

[Horse and saddle stand not included. ]


 Size:  Traditional

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