DVD: The Last Warhorse

DVD: The Last Warhorse


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From the jacket:

Pop McKenzie, an old scrap merchant, lives with his grandchildren Dee, Ray, and Sid, and their beloved Clydesdale horse, Sam, in a humble home on a prime piece of harborside real estate in a run down suburb of Sydney, Australia.  When a Japanese developer decides to build a large hotel complex on adjoining land, the McKenzie's find themselves being uprooted from their home, as he wants their property as well.  In addition, the developer's young grandson, Mikio, who drams of being a battle warrior with a mighty steed, wants the family's faithful horse for his own.  After the property is vandalized and Sam mysteriously disappears, the McKenzie's must battle for their home, and their horse.


Starring: Graham Dow

Rated: Not Rated (Family Approved Seal)

Year:  unknown

By: Timeless Media Group

Condition:  Like new.

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