DVD: The Lost Stallions

DVD: The Lost Stallions


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From the jacket:

This story of four adventurous young friends who, along with their trusted dog Nikki, set out on a quest to capture four prize stallions that have broken free from a wealthy stable.  Though motivated by the reward money, the group will come to realize their friendship is a much more valuable commodity as they face white water rapids, dangerous wildlife and the challenges of being lost in the mountain terrain.  But little do they know, they are not the only ones hunting the stallions.  Calvin, an ex-con currently on work release, is also on the trail of the horses and will stop at nothing to acquire the animals before the kids do.


Starring: Evan Barron, Bliss Hanlon, Alex Pettus and Tyler Reid

Rated: PG

Year:  2003

By: Totality Films

Condition:  Like new.

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