DVD: The Princess Stallion

DVD: The Princess Stallion


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From the jacket:

Following the death of her mother, Sarah, a Californian teenager is sent to live with her estranged father, Ian Steward.  While riding her horse through the high mountains, Sarah meets an old hermit named Ferus who protects the mountain animals from "takers" or poachers.  Sarah returns to visti Fergus the following day and comes across a beautiful white stallion.  Sarah is amazed by its beauty, but is the stallion real or imaginary?  Sarah realizes the stallion is real when two local poachers plot to capture the stallion.  Seeing Sarah's natural flair with the horse, they launch a plan to kidnap Sarah and use her as bait.  Will Fergus save Sarah and the stallion from the evil poachers, or will the stallion save them all?


Starring: Andrew Keir, Gary Lewis, Ariana Richards

Rated: not rated

Year:  1997

By: Sterling Entertainment group

Condition:  like new.

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