El Pastor ~ Precipitado Sin Par (CIPS)

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Precipitado Sin Par was Breyer's Limited Edition back in 1987.  This gorgeous tri-colored pinto Paso Fino was the son of El Pastor (the horse for whom this Breyer mold was made) and Marisol Sin Par.  Born in 1976, "Cips" as he was known, stunned audiences with his brilliant coloring and beautiful carriage.  He became the first horse to win the Paso Fino Owners and Breeders Association Championships twice when he won back-to-back titles in 1984 and 1985.  He competed in Trail, Western Pleasure, Versatility, Performance, and Pleasure (Stallions).   It was fitting that Breyer made a tribute to him on his sire's mold.

This fellow is Near Mint with only one pinpoint rub on his right hindquarter and a tiny factory divot next to his tail (in the white, so you can't see it except on close inspection).  He does have yellow marks all along his left front leg from the yellow of his box.  They're in the white sock so you can clean him, if you like, with Magic Eraser.  He also needs his front leg straightened with a warm hair dryer.  He has soft edges to many of his markings and is really generally  a handsomely done fellow, with tri-color eyes and red in his nostrils.  He comes with his original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #116