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Elvis and Rising Sun: Harmony on Horseback


  • $6995

This exquisite set honoring The King and his favorite mount is crafted in resin and mounted on a base featuring a G Clef.  Elvis named his stable "House of the Rising Sun" in tribute to this handsome palomino Quarter Horse.  The base features a brass plaque and the set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  It was only produced from 2010-2012.

This set is still shrink-wrapped in its original box!  The original shrink-wrap doesn't cover one corner of the box, but the box is undamaged and unopened.  What a great opportunity to get a sealed set!

[Please note:  Resins are heavier than regular Breyer models, so shipping will reflect the set's weight.]


Size:  approximately Classic-sized

Breyer Model #10310