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Wow!  Champion Arabian stallion *Empres++++// will make you fall in love with Arabs all over again!   Empres is a pure Polish Arabian, born in Poland. He was raced in Poland in his three-year-old year, before going into the show ring and stud barn. The symbols following his name indicate that he has won highest-level achievements from the Arabian Horse Association:  ++++ stands for Legion of Masters, and // stands for Legion of Excellence.  He has won top honors in five countries and currently is showing and standing at stud in Manitoba, Canada, owned by Prue Critchley.  She says he has a teddy bear disposition combined with an air of royalty that impresses everyone who meets him. 

Meanwhile, when you get your Empres model, Prue invites you to post a picture of him in his new home or out on adventures at the special Facebook page she has set up:

We asked Prue about the * in front of his name, which Breyer didn't include in their description.  She says it designates that he was imported, and while not everyone uses it these days, it helps identify imported horses.


Arabian Stallion Empres++++ Photo credit

[Empres++++ collage; Photo credit]


Breyer honored Empres with a portrait model on the Ashquar mold in 2018.  He features his bright bay coat, tiny star, three socks, and comes wearing his lovely presentation set: a beweled show halter and breastcollar.  The model was retired in 2019.


Order your Empres from the dealer that Prue ordered them from:  Triple Mountain!  We've sent two to Poland for her, to the stud farms where he was born and stood, and one to Australia, to one of the folks who helped raise him into the gentle, loving champion he has become.


Straight from Breyer; still in his sealed box.




Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1794