English Saddle - Little Bits/Paddock Pals

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 This is an original Breyer Little Bits saddle which would have come with one of the English sets.  If you have a horse from one of those sets and are missing the saddle, or just want an English saddle this size to use for showing or play, here's your opportunity!  These often got lost through the years, so we're delighted to have been sent this one.   Saddle is flexible rubber with a built-in girth and stirrups that can be moved to work with your rider.

This saddle is Factory Mint! 

We don't expect this to fit Schleich or CollectA because they generally have larger bellies, but it is designed to fit all the LB models except the Clydesdale.


[Horse not included, but may be available for sale separately.]

 Size: Little Bits/Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #varies