Exmoor Pony ~ Trifle w/ Book

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Exmoor Ponies are one of Britain's oldest breeds and also one of the rarest.  They are listed as endangered on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list.Copperfox created this sculpt to represent this amazing pony breed, which has unique conformation traits to help them survive in the harsh climate of Britain's moors in winter:  They have heavy, hooded eyelids to protect their eyes from the cold, thick tails to protect them from the wind, and of course, primitive coloring, and rugged little bodies with plenty of mischievous attitude. 

This release on the Exmoor is Trifle, star of a series of books.  She comes with one of them: Katy's Wild Foal written by Victoria Eveleigh, which tells the story of Trifle and how she got her name (a trifle is a dessert made with fruit, sponge cake, and custard). She is a bay with lots of shading and highlights, including a lighter muzzle and eye rings representative of her ancient lineage.  She was made in 2017 and was limited to only 250 pieces worldwide.

This sweet girl is Factory Mint with lovely highlights.  This particular girl has one of the lightest hind ends of the run - Super pretty.  She comes with her original box, COA, and inclusions, including the Triple Mountain / Copperfox US debut COA signed by Becky.


Model #CF608

Model Size:  Approx. 12" Long, 9" tall