Family Arabian Foal ~ Charity - Glossy

Family Arabian Foal ~ Charity - Glossy


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The Palomino FAF is one of the most prevalent equine molds in the world.  She saw many changes over the years, both in color tint and finish.  She was discontinued in this color in 1987.

This filly is Near Mint with a few dirty areas that will clean off with a nice bath.  The only rubs seen were a tiny eartip one, and a couple tiny hoof edge rubs.  She features an incredible body color, very light but with darker areas and highlights all the way to white.  Her finish, too, is variable, from satin to high gloss.  You'd think that would be weird, but she displays beautifully and is a real eye catcher.  (Photo taken from odd angle is to show her finish better.)  She features nostril shading and very subtle muzzle pinking.  No USA mark.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #6

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