Family Arabian Foal ~ Charity - Palomino, Glossy

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This cutie is one of the original releases for this well-known mold. Along with her parents, known as Faith and Hope, Charity was produced in glossy Palomino from 1961 or 1962 until the early 1970s (no records have been found to give more definitive dates for this era).  Having been discontinued for over 40 years, it's hard to find a glossy Palomino Charity in good condition.

This little girl is in Excellent condition with some pinpoint rubs and tiny scratches, but they generally blend into her incredible highlights so they don't stand out when on display.  Most of the white you see in the photos is reflection from her gloss-coat.  She has some hoof edge rubs, and had some grey marks on her, but most of those washed off with a cursory wash.  She would benefit from a more thorough bath. She has initials on the bottom of her feet from her original collector which are invisible when on display.  She features bold coloring for that time and incredible highlights, made even prettier by her glossy finish.  She has no USA mold mark.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #6