Family Arabian Foal ~ Shah - Bay, Matte

Family Arabian Foal ~ Shah - Bay, Matte


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The Family Arabian Foal was only made in Matte Bay from 1967 - 1974, and only made without a USA mold mark from 1967 - 1970 (approx).  That makes this one of the harder-to-find releases on this generally prolific mold.  She has a warm brown body, black mane, tail, and hooves, four socks and a masked stripe.

This cutie is in Excellent condition with her most noticeable issue being a tiny rub on her back that someone apparently tried to touch up with a glossy paint.  She also has a group of tiny rubs underneath her belly, and tiny hoof edge, tail tip, muzzle and eartip rubs.  She only has slight yellowing, so she'd brighten right up if you sunbathe her for a few days.  She features a perfectly straight stripe with sooty muzzle and inner ear shading.  No USA mark.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #15

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