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Family Arabian Foal ~ Spot - Grey Appaloosa, Matte


  • $1195

This little lady was only produced for three years, from 1968-1970.  She is a matte finish small-blanket version of the Grey Appaloosa color.  She features a grey body with black socks, airbrushed blanket with black splatter spots, and an airbrushed bald face with muzzle and inner ear pinking.

Restoration project:  She is severely yellowed, but definitely worth rescuing!  Place her in a sunny spot for a week or two, turning her every couple of days, and she should become nice and white again.  Once that's done, I would expect her to rate Excellent condition.  She has a few pinpoint rubs and some residue from a sticker on her back that may come off with a gentle cleaning.  She also has initials on the bottom of her feet from her original collector which are invisible while on display.  Otherwise, she has a gorgeous blanket that extends to her hocks, covered in lots of big, bold Appy spots.  Finding a matte Appy foal with the rump blanket in this good a condition is not easy because their finish is notoriously fragile, so once  you restore her, you'll be thrilled you gave her a home in your herd!

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #39