Family Arabian Foal ~ Spot, Grey Appaloosa

Family Arabian Foal ~ Spot, Grey Appaloosa


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The Family Arabians have had such a history!  This is one of the earliest releases, the grey Appaloosa Foal named Spot.  While Spot was made from 1960-1970 in different variations, this girl can be dated to 1962-1968.  This model is the glossy "belly band" version (indicating that instead of a blanket over his hips, her white area is around his belly) with ears that point straight up.

This cutie is in Excellent to Near Mint condition with tiny rubs under her right flank, on her right barrel, left front fetlock, and under her tail, and a group of pinpoint rubs on her right shoulder, plus eartip rubs.  She features multi-sized Appy spots, unpainted eye whites, and subtle muzzle and inner ear pinking.  No USA stamp. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #39

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