Family Arabian Foal, Woodgrain

Family Arabian Foal, Woodgrain


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The Family Arabian Foal was only made in Woodgrain from 1963-1967.  Considered home decor, models made in Woodgrain were marketed as mantel or bookshelf pieces rather than toys.  They didn't turn out to be overly popular at the time, though, which makes them even more sought-after today.

This sweet girl is in Excellent condition with only pinpoint eartip and tail tip rubs.  She has an area across her back where a sticker was removed, which took off the top shading layer of her paint.  Because of her patterning, and because it doesn’t go all the way to plastic, it doesn't stand out on display, but once you notice it, you always see it.  Her right front leg and left hind leg are very slightly bent inward.  She stands fine but you could correct them with a warm hair dryer if you like.  She's a cutie, with a relatively light color, lots of thin graining stripes, and unpainted eye whites.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #908

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