Family Arabian Mare ~ Pride -Alabaster, Matte


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The pretty Family Arabian Mare was made in matte alabaster from 1961-1973, the same time she was also made in glossy.  The matte version is more realistic, since white horses generally don't shine like darker ones.  She wears a white coat, grey mane and tail, and sometimes, inner ear and muzzle pinking or shading.  This pretty girl has a grey-shaded muzzle and ears.

This mare is in Excellent condition, mainly in need of some sunshine, which she'll be getting here.  Once she's sunbathed and had new pictures taken, she'll be relisted at a slightly higher price, so if you'd like to get her at a bargain, buy her now!  She has some very minor rubs on her mane and tail, and a speck of white paint on her tail, along with an uneven belly seam showing some glue, a few specks in her whites and hoof edge rubs.  The list sounds long, but she's in the best condition we've seen for this release here.  She features tiny unpainted eye whites, and grey-shaded inner ears and muzzle.  She wears a USA Mold mark, so she was produced between 1970 and 1973.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #8