Family Arabian Mare, Dapple Grey - Sears SR

Family Arabian Mare, Dapple Grey - Sears SR


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This beautiful dapple grey on the FAM mold was a Special Run for Sears holiday catalog in 1991.  Sold with a matching foal, they were called the "Spirit of the Wind" set.  The mare wears a smooth grey coat with resist dapples, black points, one hind sock over a buff hoof, and an airbrushed bald/light grey face.

This lady is Near Mint with only tiny eartip rubs and a pinpoint brown speck on her left neck keeping her from Mint. She has a tiny rough area on her right flank and a few specks of mane paint overspray as always.  She features a ton of little dapples and bright whites, with inner ear shading and muzzle pinking. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #498991

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