Family Arabian Mare ~ Hope - Palomino, Matte

Family Arabian Mare ~ Hope - Palomino, Matte


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The iconic Family Arabian Mare was made in matte palomino from 1967-1987.  Over that period, many color and finish variations were created, making them a lot of fun to collect.  She wears four socks over grey feet and an airbrushed bald face.

This lady is Near Mint in need of a good bath.  The only rubs seen were a tiny one on her chest, along with tiny hoof edge and eartip rubs.  She has a scattering of mostly pinpoint marks and specks, most of which I expect will come off with a good warm-water and dish soap soak. There's also a thin line of bright white paint along her tail seam and a bit on her forelock seam.  Her seams are a bit uneven there, and it appears someone tried to smooth them out by filling them with paint. Since it's on her white areas, which are still quite white, it only shows on close inspection, and will also probably come off in a bath.  She features a lovely, light buttery color with a speckly vintage paint job, nostril shading, slight muzzle pinking, and unpainted eye whites.  She's quite a nice example of this release, and in superb condition, considering the matte ones usually get rubs easily.  USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #5

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