Family Arabian Mare ~ Sheba - Bay, Matte

Family Arabian Mare ~ Sheba - Bay, Matte


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The Family Arabian Mare was only made in Matte Bay from 1967 - 1974.  Breyer named her Sheba.  She has a warm brown body, black mane, tail, and hooves, four socks and a masked stripe that goes over the top of both nostrils.

This pretty girl is Near Mint with a few tiny and pinpoint light rubs that only go through the shading layer. (Some are just places where she was painted more thinly.)  The only post-production bit that shows on normal display is a tiny rub below her right eye, like a teardrop.  Photos will show a few more white specks, but they nearly all came off with a little rub during inspection. :-)  She features a vintage, speckly paint job, black inner ears and muzzle, and unglossed eyes with unpainted eye whites. She wears a matte (bordering on super matte) finish. USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #14

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