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Family Arabian Stallion, Black-Point Alabaster SR (Rescue Prospect)


  • $995

The iconic Family Arabian Stallion was made in black-point alabaster only for a Sears Special Run set in 1991.  He wore a white body with black mane, tail, and lower legs.  This is the only black-point alabaster Breyer ever made.

This fellow is in Very Good condition with no rubs seen.  He is marked down for strong yellowing, so much that he looks buckskin.  He also has a black speck on his right hip that is probably factory, and for some brown specks on his left side.  Don't be scared off, though:  He is a great rescue prospect!  The yellowing can be reversed by letting him sunbathe for a while.  Once that's done, I'd recommend using a Magic Eraser on those specks, and I'd expect that you'll end up with a Near Mint condition Special Run model for a great bargain price!  We've restored models that were more yellowed than him with great success using the above process.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #492091