Family Arabian Stallion ~ Prince, Glossy Alabaster

Family Arabian Stallion ~ Prince, Glossy Alabaster


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This is one of the very first FAS models and one of Breyer's earliest molds.  Prince, the glossy alabaster release on the Family Stallion, was only made from 1958-1966!  He wears a white coat with grey mane, tail, and hooves.

This fellow is in  Excellent condition with no yellowing!  He has some ear rubs in his grey areas and a scattering of tiny and pinpoint marks, many of which should come off with a good bath.  He has some very faint yellowing lines on the right side of his face - It appears he wore a bridle for a while and it may have lightly stained him.  He features unpainted eye whites and just a little muzzle shading, plus inner ear shading.  No USA mark.  Won't you give him a chance by cleaning him and enjoying his bright white self?


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #7

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