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The Lipizzan Mare and Foal return for this beautiful portrait set representing the Lipizzan stallion Favory Airiella as a colt with his dam.  Lipizzaners are given a name consisting of their sire's bloodline (Favory) and their dam's name (Airiella), so it's fitting we see him with his dam, who lent him her name.  Airiella is shown in fleabitten grey, as a young mare still greying out, while little Favory is still a dark bay, yet to begin the greying process... but as most Lipzzaners do, he became a grey as he matured.  The photo below is of Favory Airiella as a stallion.

[Favory Airiella; Photo Source Breyer Horses; credit John Borys Photography]


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1827