Fighting Stallion, Glossy Grey Appaloosa

Fighting Stallion, Glossy Grey Appaloosa


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This is one of the iconic Fighting Stallion's original release colors, and was only made from 1961-1966.  He is airbrushed in soft grey with a darker mane, tail and lower legs, and Appy splatter spots.  There is so much variation in this release that it's easy to collect several!

This fellow is in Excellent condition with ear edge rubs and a few pinpoint rubs here and there.  He has also had some tiny rubs touched up on both shoulders and perhaps in a couple places on his blanket.  His eartips are black, but to me they don't look factory - I suspect again someone trying to touch them up at some point in history, though I could be wrong on those.  He also shows mild yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing him for a week or two... He should start to brighten back up and look great.  He features tons of tiny Appy spots and a high gloss finish.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #32

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