Fighting Stallion ~ King, Bay - ODDITY

Fighting Stallion ~ King, Bay - ODDITY


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King was made in bay from 1961-1987.  This iconic Breyer model is still one of the most popular of Breyer's molds. 

This fellow is in Very Good to Excellent condition with tiny rubs on both hindquarters and both shoulders, and a scattering of tinier and pinpoint rubs over all. 

He is a bit of an oddity:  He has a tiny hole on his muzzle right between his nostrils!  It's not perfectly round, but slightly elongated, and is along the seam line.  Perhaps one of his halves wasn't completely formed so the halves didn't meet at the seam.  It is definitely factory, as it's fully painted.  He features a beautiful vintage paint job with a speckly coat and highlights to white.  His whites are so bright that he may be chalky plastic.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #35

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