Fighting Stallion ~ Ponokah Eemetah (Hand Print)

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The Ponokah Eemetah series of Fighting Stallions was thought to have been Breyer's little inside joke... "How many times can we re-use the same model with the slightest change and have people keep buying them?"  The answer, it appears, was eight.  All of these models are dark chocolate blanket Appaloosas with slightly lighter muzzles and solid legs.  In January of 1994, Breyer released two different warpaint versions.  In July of 1994, they released two more versions.  In 1995 they did the same thing in January and July, for a total of eight different warpaint versions in the series.  Most collectors try to collect all eight (and we can assume that Breyer is still chuckling).

While no official names were given to the different patterns, this one, which we call the Hand Print, was only made from January - July - December of 1994, the earliest release produced.

This guy is still attached in his original box.  He has a nice big, white blanket with soft edges that appear more of a soft chestnut color than the yellow-green we see sometimes on this release.  His whites are bright and his hooves light enough grey to make a nice accent.  He wears hand-painted warpaint in the form of white stripes on his neck and a red handprint on his rump.  Strangely, his box did not contain a hang tag, and DID contain a 1995 box brochure (which shouldn't be there, since he was made only the year before that.)  So there's a bit of a mystery with him!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #897