Fighting Stallion, Sorrel - JC Penney SR (sale benefits HH Animal Shelter)


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This handsome sorrel Fighter was only produced for JC Penney's holiday catalog in 1993, as part of their Wild Horses of America set, affectionately abbreviated "WHOA."  He is a rich sorrel with flaxen mane and tail, four socks and an airbrushed bald face.

This fellow is Near Mint and as close to Mint as you can get:  Only pinpoint eartip rubs mark him down!  He has a spot of thicker body paint on his left knee, looking like a brown birthmark.  His whites are bright, his color is rich but more sorrel than most (this release tends toward pumpkin orange sometimes), and his eyes are well-painted.  What a lovely example of this release!


This model was donated to our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter.  Proceeds from its sale go to support the no-kill shelter.  Thanks for your support!


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #710493