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Fighting Stallion, Woodgrain


  • $5995

The Fighting Stallion is one of the few vintage models chosen to wear the Woodgrain pattern in the early days of Breyer.  He was made in this color beginning in either 1961 or '62 (records haven't been found to distinguish the starting year) and discontinued in 1973.  He is one of the few releases that Breyer made with painted white socks and stripe.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with some rubs in his painted white areas, plus a small rub on his forelock and the sides of his ears.  His finish has turned milky on his face and tail, pretty common for Woodgrains with this finish.  I've taken a couple of close-ups, but the milkiness doesn't show up much in photos.  He's a beautiful, dark version of this release with a gorgeous pattern, shown in the close-up side view image.  He features such a clean semi-gloss finish that's it hard to photograph him without glare.    Remnants of hoof and tail pads are still visible.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #931