Five Gaiter ~ CH Imperator

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Chris Hess's Five Gaiter mold was chosen to represent champion American Saddlebred CH Imperator.  This incredible sorrel gelding was the Five-Gaited World Grand Champion five times, including becoming the oldest horse to win that title, competing at age 12.  The gelding was then retired to Kentucky Horse Park, where Perry, as he was known, enjoyed a long, happy retirement, with lots of attention from fans.

CH Imperator Photo Credit Shiflet

[CH Imperator - Photo Credit Shiflet]

Breyer honored Perry with a portrait model in 1994 & 1995.  He wears a star, a snip, and one hind sock, and was given a glossy finish to match that of his legendary namesake.

This fellow is Factory Mint with a yummy gloss-coat.  He features very well-painted red-and-blue ribbons, muzzle pinking and shading.  USA mold mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #904