Five Gaiter ~ Commander, Chestnut - VARIATION: Color + Eye Whites

Five Gaiter ~ Commander, Chestnut - VARIATION: Color + Eye Whites


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Chris Hess's iconic Five Gaiter mold was made in this bold chestnut from 1963 to 1986.  He features a honey-colored body and a mane and tail so dark, he's nearly a bay.  He wears an airbrushed bald face, four socks, and white ribbons with red Xs on them.

This fellow is Fair condition, but he's such an amazing variation that we hope someone will buy him and have him restored.  There are some great restoration artists out there, and if you make arrangements with one, we're happy to ship him straight to them on your behalf (shipping charges will apply to the address he gets shipped to).  He has a broken left ear, several light scuffs, some tiny rubs and quite a few marks.  Because he has a satin finish, they should be able to be cleaned off.  However, he's darker than any we've seen by a longshot - The color of coffee beans, and very pretty, with an even darker mane and tail.  He features soft highlights in his speckly paint job and factory hand-painted eye whites.  No USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #52

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