Five Gaiter ~ Commander, Sorrel, Bay Version - B Stamp


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Chris Hess's iconic Five Gaiter mold was made in this bold sorrel from 1963 to 1986.  He features a honey-colored body and a mane and tail so dark, he's nearly a bay.  He wears an airbrushed bald face, four socks, and white ribbons with red Xs on them.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with rubs on his left shoulder and hip, hoof edges and tail tip, along with tiny eartip rubs and a few pinpoint ones elsewhere.  He is such a pretty, light golden color that he'd almost match some of the vintage buckskin QH Geldings.  He has a black mane and tail and a partial ribbon tassel, which is sharp at the edge.  The painter still painted a tassel end on it.  He is a B-stamp model.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #52