Five Gaiter ~ Commander, Sorrel w/ Eye Whites

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Chris Hess sculpted the charismatic Five Gaiter model in 1961.  This lovely sorrel debuted in 1963, and ran until 1986, with many variations occurring over that period.  As one of the early releases, the sorrel has the little ribbon-end sticking out beyond his mane, which was lost in later uses of the mold.  Most feature four socks and a bald face, although the number of socks can vary.

This fellow is in Very Good condition.  His right side has some pinpoint light and dark specks; his left side has small rubs on hip and shoulder and some dark specks.  He also has tail tip and hoof edge rubs. Whites have yellowed somewhat, but that can be corrected with some time in a sunny place.  The lowest point under his belly features a drip mark from the paint before it dried.   He is a beautiful dark color w/ excellent highlighting.    This mold is known to often be tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty as cheap insurance.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #52