Five Gaiter ~ TRU Valiant, Toys R Us SR w/ Bonus Bridle

Five Gaiter ~ TRU Valiant, Toys R Us SR w/ Bonus Bridle


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This handsome light bay or sooty buckskin on the Five Gaiter mold is TRU Valiant, a Toys R Us Special Run in 2001.  He features a striking bald face and four socks below black points, all under a lovely glossy finish.  Only 10,000 were made, and each is hand-numbered on the belly.

This fellow is Near Mint with two pinpoint rubs or unpainted spots on his left hindquarter and a tiny factory plastic goober attached to his right hock.  He features lots of lovely, dark chocolate shading with highlights in his mane and tail, bright whites, and neatly painted ribbons.  He is hand-numbered under his belly as #1546 / 10,000.  He arrived here wearing a Breyer show bridle and so we'll include it with him.  It matches his ribbons really well! This mold is known to often be tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty or a Horse Safety Rack to keep him safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #730801

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