Flash, Blue Roan Appaloosa Custom by Terri De Wit


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This handsome boy only needs a couple of tiny, tiny rubs touched up and he'd be ready for the ring!  He wears a beautifully roan coat with some soft, dark grey spots in it and a softly-edged roaning blanket that shows hairs and some ghosted spots.  His tail is painted with white hairs individually accenting the black at the base, his hooves are shaded and striped, and his face...!  His face is lovely, with a few Appy spots and freckles around his eyes.  He comes with three ribbons he won for his previous owner.  He live show placed 3rd, 5th, and 7th.

He is signed TDW 05 and was shown under the name Granite, but you're welcome to rename him.


Size:  Traditional