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Cobra is a handsome dark bay Mustang, born in the wild, but discovering his talent for dressage!  Marsha Hartford-Sapp adopted him as a 6-year-old for the 2010 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, a competition where trainers tame and train Mustangs over a 100-day period.  After the competition, Marsha and Cobra began training in Dressage and within 6 months of entering the field, had scored enough points for Marsha to earn the USDF's Bronze and Silver medals.  Impressive enough for a horse raised with people,  but truly impressive for a horse gathered from a wild herd and then passed over for adoption three times, who would have been sentenced to a BLM holding facility for life, had he not been given this special second chance.

 Cobra - Photo credit Reeves Int'l

[Cobra and Marsha Hartford-Sapp; Photo credit Reeves International]


Breyer honored this special horse with a portrait model as a mid-year 2017 release.  He wears Cobra's four low socks, striped hooves, and BLM freeze brand.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1784