Flash ~ Cobra

Flash ~ Cobra


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Cobra is a handsome dark bay Mustang, born in the wild, but discovering his talent for dressage!  Marsha Hartford-Sapp adopted him as a 6-year-old for the 2010 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, a competition where trainers tame and train Mustangs over a 100-day period.  After the competition, Marsha and Cobra began training in Dressage and within 6 months of entering the field, had scored enough points for Marsha to earn the USDF's Bronze and Silver medals.  Impressive enough for a horse raised with people,  but truly impressive for a horse gathered from a wild herd and then passed over for adoption three times, who would have been sentenced to a BLM holding facility for life, had he not been given this special second chance.

 Cobra - Photo credit Reeves Int'l

[Cobra and Marsha Hartford-Sapp; Photo credit Reeves International]


Breyer honored this special horse with a portrait model as a mid-year 2017 release.  He wears Cobra's four low socks, striped hooves, and BLM freeze brand.  The model was retired at the end of 2018.

Near Mint with only one pinpoint rub on his right flank.  He was part of a show string, and leg wraps used in Performance left his socks lightly stained orange and his cannons with pinpoint shiny bumps from where they stuck/interacted with his plastic.  They are only noticeable on close inspection.  If you're looking for one to show, pass on this guy, but if you want a beautiful horse for display, he's lovely, with an incredibly shaded face and neatly masked freeze brands.  He even comes with his original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1784

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