Flash ~ Juniper - Web Special


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This completely gorgeous blue roan Appaloosa was a Web Special in 2016.  His name is Juniper (from the Berry Pony Series) and he is most definitely an eye-catcher!  This may have been Breyer's first-ever badger face marking!  Although some say there's too much white on the forehead to be a true badger face, it's clear from the white going down the sides of his face that that is the intent, and boy, does it ever work!  Only 350 were made, so your chances at finding another will be few and far between, particularly with how handsome this guy is, and chances are really good that his value will increase over time.

This fellow is Factory Mint and gorgeous!  His details don't all show up in photos:  He is a deep blue roan color with darker speckles and Appy spots, a beautifully intricate blanket and matching intricate face marking that wows everyone who sees it. Tri-colored eyes and striped hooves top it all off.  "Juniper 2016" is printed in gold under his belly.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712176