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Flash ~ Reverse Polarity, Connoisseur Model


  • $25000

2005's Connoisseur Model is this beauty:  Reverse Polarity, described as a "flashy reverse-dappled chestnut Morgan."  Done in liver chestnut with darker dapples, he certainly captures the imagination.  Connoisseurs are hand-painted in Wayne, New Jersey, USA, and always feature superb detailing.  This guy is no exception.  He features a flaxen mane and tail shaded with grey, a small star and two snips, and tri-colored eyes.  With only 350 made, this guy is a hard-to-find must-have for Flash collectors!

This fellow is Factory Mint with bright white socks, gorgeous shading and extra care taken to paint the hairs where his body color meets his tail (see photo!).  He bears the low serial number 065/350 hand-written on the bottom of one hoof.  He even comes with his original CoA.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #90132