Foundation Stallion ~ Azteca - Matte, Grey Tail Version (shrinky)

Foundation Stallion ~ Azteca - Matte, Grey Tail Version (shrinky)


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The Azteca breed is a Mexican horse breed whose bloodlines trace back to Andalusians brought by conquistadors from Spain, with the addition of Quarter Horse and Criollo blood.  They are a compact breed and come in all solid colors, with grey being most common.  (American Aztecas can also come in pinto.)  Registration requires very specific breeding with no more than certain percentages of each of the founding breeds and foals must pass an inspection at seven months of age to become registered.  Breyer's tribute to this uncommon breed was made on the Foundation Stallion mold in dapple grey.  It saw several variations in the time it was made.

Other than his shrinkiness, he would rate Near Mint with only pinpoint eartip rubs.  He has shrunk moderately, and an experienced eye can see the change in his silhouette.  That makes him an interesting conversation piece, and because of his great condition, he'd be a neat guy to have in your herd.  His plastic has darkened from condensing, so it has a yellowish appearance, but he sports lots of dapples and even soft muzzle pinking.  He is the matte finish version with a grey tail, dating him to circa 1985-1987, and my guess would be the very end of the run, since the shrinky era began in the late 1980s.  


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #85

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